Trees 1.0

A nice realxing screensaver based on the theme of hand drawn images of trees

Since starting our site we have used various different types of graphic elements. Probably the one type that is cause more interest than any other in some of the hand-drawn material that we have used. Because the subject matter of our web site is mortgages, we'll use all manner of architectural and nature based drawings. Because of the high level of interest in these from visitors to our site we decided to release various different sets of the drawings in screensaver packages. A lot of the screensavers available out there deal with high-tech or 3-D imagery. Our screensavers are almost exactly the opposite in this regard as they deal with old-fashioned hand-drawn art.
This particular screensaver is based around the theme of trees and it features various different renderings of natural landscape environments including trees. The media used include pencil, Inc. and various combinations of low-level dry surface coverings. This particular screensaver is designed for use on a Windows based operating system. It was designed to the widest possible compatibility in mind and should work with virtually all modern versions of the Windows operating system. It's very easy to install. Once you have downloaded the file all you have to do is click on this and the program will lead you through the rest of the installation process. If for some reason you wish to uninstall the screensavers some states this is also very easy to accomplish. Ease-of-use is a very important factor and we like to think that we've built that in at both the installation and if necessary uninstallation point.
We've also tried to keep the file size as small as possible. This has not degraded the quality of the images as they are still a good resolution but it was important to us to be kept the overall file size of the download small enough so as to make it accessible to people who are still using dial-up connections. This is only one of a number of releases so please feel free to visit our web site

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